Secondary Approach

Our secondary approach

Our secondary school customers are ever changing. As well as students, there is a range of consumer groups, such as staff and support teams that have different needs. We pay close attention to price sensitivity and value for money. That’s why we offer a range of food concepts, guest offers and tasty menus, to keep up with the current trends and demands of our returning customers.

We don’t just aim to improve the service you currently have – we have a holistic approach to each school that we visit. We look at the space available, alongside any specific needs, to propose interesting and appropriate solutions that we believe are right for your school.

We will always include our hot two-choice with pudding menu cycle, but in addition to this we can provide a range of popular, contemporary food options. We offer street food, hot wraps, pizza and pasta bar, sandwiches, salads and shaker pots. Whether you want to keep a range on offer every day, or mix it up daily to keep lunchtimes interesting, we can work together to develop a service that works for you.