Primary Approach

Our Primary Approach

We love working with our primary school customers and we get great satisfaction seeing lots of clean plates!


We work hard on our menus for our primary aged customers as their taste buds are developing. If there is something on the menu that they are unsure of, we give them a little taster on the side of their plate so next time its on the menu, they’ll remember if they like it and may be a bit more adventurous.

Developing a primary school menu is challenging to get right. You need variety, colour, different tastes, textures and dishes that they know, dishes that they will eat and menus that are simple for them to read and understand. One size menu does not fit all – we have small schools in the rural areas and large primaries in the heart of cities so our menu team works hard to come up with a range of options for schools to try until we get their menu just right. We also have a packed lunch option for those who do not want a hot meal at lunchtime.



Bubble and Squeak are our school characters that were developed with a group of our primary customers. They theme our menus, our signage, our communication to parents and our theme days – and they are all designed to ensure they engage and encourage children to eat well.