Primary Approach

Our Primary Approach

We love working with our primary school customers and we get great satisfaction seeing lots of clean plates!

There’s so much we consider when developing a primary school menu – variety, colour, taste and texture are all vital to the success of a dish when it comes to our primary school customers. For the younger ones we use taster portions to encourage them to try something new or different. Once the unfamiliar food becomes recognisable, the children are more likely to expand their food choices.

Menus need to be simple to understand, whilst providing a selection of dishes that the children will eat and provide the necessary nutrients needed for them to grow healthily and keep energised. This helps to educate too in the benefits and importance of healthy eating.

Our schools vary from small and rural, to large city-based establishments and we understand that a one size menu does not fit all. Our years of experience have helped us develop our approach; one that embraces the unique needs of every customer.