Our Approach

Our flexible service

There is not one size that fits all and we know that. Our years of experience in education catering have helped us develop our approach. Every school is different, every customer has differing tastes and we meet that challenge head on. We have a flexible approach to our menus, our food offers and our concepts to help ensure our food is the right fit for our customers.


 Primary Approach  Secondary Approach Sixth Forms & Colleges

We also know that students are very discerning and their tastes change depending on trends, price sensitivity and what food and drinks they choose to eat in their time away from school. That’s why we listen to them and work with them to get the food and products they like to eat on our menus. Adapting to change helps us grow and develop, not only as a company, but also the services we provide to our clients.

We provide an affordable, great quality, cost effective service for our clients and because of this, they recommend us – something of which we are extremely proud.