Our Support Network

Each school has a dedicated operations manager who visits regularly and will oversee the day-to-day running of your service. They will also be the central point for all aspects of your contract and be at the end of the phone if anything crops up in the meantime – but the support you get does not end there.

We all play an active role in each contract and we have a hands on approach to make our catering services a success. Even before day one, you will meet our support team who will work with you to get each element of your service just right. From food development, training, health & safety, finance and marketing – we all work together and will continue to support your catering team on site.

We have a stable, loyal team throughout our business, many of which have transferred under TUPE. Our professional and friendly approach will assure your existing team that we are a good company to work for and we will ensure everyone who works for us feels valued and important.

We are experts in school catering and our teams excel in their roles. Many have spent their working lives in Education catering and many have school-aged children of their own. Your catering is safe in our hands.