Our Food

The food we serve

We are passionate about great tasting food and offer a wonderful selection of choices, food that is not only nutritious but keeps students coming back for more. We believe that great tasting homemade wholesome food, produced using quality, locally sourced ingredients and served with care and passion are vital ingredients to a successful school meal service.

We strongly believe in letting our recipes and menus be guided by the feedback we receive from our customers whilst taking into account nutritional advice. We are inspired by current food trends and popular dishes from around the world – which we often introduce as an exciting promotion. 

The links between food, health and learning are evident. Our carefully planned menus, with well balanced meals, not only help to sustain students throughout the day but can also help with concentration and behaviour – leading to a more productive school day.

We offer quality, variety and choice – at an affordable price. We purchase our food responsibly through a transparent process and we are proud to buy from British farmers and producers. Our suppliers are checked and validated by NSF, a global leader in supporting businesses to buy from assured supply chains.

Buying British enables us to invest in local communities, reduce our food miles, and source a huge range of seasonal produce to incorporate into our menus.