Adding Value to You

Adding value to your school

Working with students to promote healthy eating has always been a part of our role as caterers in any school we provide a service to, but we don’t just stop there. We add value to each and every school we are part of. Whether by going that extra mile with our catering service, the work we do with our Events Team or the smaller projects we support. Working with students is something we actively seek out and enjoy.

Our events Team demonstrates that catering is not just about cooking – it involves a lot of transferable skills. We work with our schools to help give young people the skills they need for a future career, but also to teach them a basic knowledge around food for their journey for life.

On a smaller scale, we work with school councils and groups of students on projects such as marketing & promotions, food technology, gardening clubs and enterprise projects where the students actively sell and promote their produce to us. If you need support in a learning project, we are confident we have someone in our team that can help.

We also help you as a school to raise your own profile in your local communities. We support you on parent evenings, open events as well as providing hospitality for any governing bodies or VIP visits you may have.

We believe we are an integral part of the whole school experience and so do our clients.