Adding Value to You

Adding value to your school

Working with students to promote healthy eating is integral to our role as caterers in any school. We aim to go the extra mile with our Events team to support students and school projects. The team demonstrates that catering is not just about cooking. We work with our schools to help young people with the skills they need for their future, whether it involves a career path or simply a basic knowledge to accompany them through life.

We engage with school councils and students on projects including marketing and promotions, food technology, recycling initiatives, gardening clubs and enterprise projects. If you need support in a learning project, we are confident we have someone in our team that can assist you.

We help schools to raise their profiles in their local communities. We offer support on parents evening and open event and can provide hospitality for governing bodies or VIP visits.

Our regular promotions add fun and variety to the school week, offering new food experiences to customers whilst giving our catering staff an opportunity to show off their creativeness with innovative dishes and attractive displays.